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Sign up with BetLatina Casino and join the action taking place around our live casino tables. Real Las Vegas entertainment is now at your fingertips! To make your experience more enjoyable, take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered for new customers.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

Sign up with BetLatina Sportsbook and Casino, deposit $100 or more, and double your bankroll instantly!

Register for your free personal sports wagering account and claim a free play bonus equivalent to 100% of your first deposit’s amount for up to $400!


  • Offer valid once per customer, per household.
  • Deposit must be made via person to person money transfer. For details on deposit methods, please contact our customer care department toll free to 1-800-200-2145.
  • Bonus will be offered in the form of a free play.
  • The minimum deposit required is $100, the maximum bonus offered under this promotion is $400.
  • Once accepted a bonus cannot be forfeited.
  • A minimum of 8x the amount of the deposit, deposit fees, and winnings resulting from the free play wagers will be required prior to withdrawal of any portion of account balance.
  • Free plays can be used to wager on sports. Parlay wagers made using free play funds are restricted to a maximum of 3 team parlays.

One of the numerous perks of playing at BetLatina is the unrivaled Virtual Casino promotional package. We offer up to 30% rebates on your losses each and every day. There is no waiting each week or heaven forbid another month to cash in this perk. Each and every day rebates are given for your net loses. They are calculated every 24 hours and are awarded automatically to your account. They are issued in real money which can be used right away. It should be noted that only action wagered in real money goes towards the calculating this perk each and every day.


Both Baccarat and the widely popular Baccarat Mobile qualify under the Virtual Casino Rebate program. It is an action driven rebate program where the more hands you play, the greater the percentage will be applied if you are unfortunate enough to leave the day down.

1–100 2.00%
101-200 3.00%
201 and Beyond 4.00%


What many consider to be the king of all casino games, Blackjack, can qualify for the Virtual Casino Rebate. The following are the variants whose loses go towards calculation.

One Hand Three Hand   Other Forms
Blackjack BlackJack

Switch (6 Decks)

Blackjack (6 Deck) Blackjack (6 Deck)  
Double Exposure (6 Deck) Double Exposure (6 Deck)  
Mobile BJ Surrender  
Surrender (6 Deck)    

The breakdown in percentage is dependent on the number of hands played as follows.

1-50 5.00%
51-100 6.00%
101 and Beyond 7.00%


This widely addictive game's action does qualify for the rebate. Keno, Keno Artist, and Keno Dragon all can be enjoyed with the comfort of a little something extra should you lose. An across the board 5.00% rebate is granted no matter how little or much you enjoy in your Keno session.


Vibrant visuals with an air of mystery are what make our Scratchers so endearing. Now such mainstays like Buccaneer Booty Cosmic Strike, and Tutti Frutti all qualify for a mind boggling 30.00% back on your losses. You can swing for the fences, enjoy the game, and get substantial coin back on your losses.


All of our 30 plus styles of slots qualify for the generous Virtual Casino Rebate. The whirl of the wheels with stunning visuals hold even more promise now. The following chart breaks down the amount of spins needed to go to larger heights in the rebate program.

1-50 5.00%
51-100 7.00%
101-200 8.00%
201 and Beyond 10.00%

Video Poker

Jokers and deuces are not the only things wild when it comes to video poker. Now the fifteen plus varieties of Video Poker feature the additional insurance of our Virtual Casino Rebate.

The action gets even more heated knowing that the rebate safety net is in place. The following denotes an escalating percentage according to hands played.

1-50 2.00%
51-100 3.00%
101-200 4.00%
201 + 5.00%

Miscellaneous Table Games

Caribbean Stud, Casino War, and their mobile brethren all qualify for the rebate program. Crazy Poker, Let it Ride, and Pai Gow round out the rest of the table games that reap the benefits of the Virtual Casino Program. Hands played denotes the percentage return for this aspect of table game play.

1-100 1.00%
101-200 2.00%
200+ 3.00%

Transparency is the crucial element in the respectability of virtual offerings. We at BetLatina strive to denote with crystal clarity the elements that comprise our bonus packages and perks. We value our customer base and do this to ensure you that we are your only destination for each and every aspect of your gaming needs. Thank you for your patronage and have a great day availing yourself of all the opportunities at BetLatina.


$50 - $200: 500% BONUS!

Promo Code: WELCOME500

Fine Prit:

  • $50-200
  • 500%
  • Most games
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 35x rollover, 3x max cash out

$50 - $100: 150% BONUS!

Promo Code: VCB150

Fine Prit:

  • $50-100
  • 150%
  • Most games
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 31x rollover, 3x max cash out

$101 - $200: 200% BONUS!

Promo Code: VCB200

Fine Prit:

  • $101-200
  • 200%
  • Most games
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 31x rollover, 3x max cash out

$50 - $100: 350% BONUS!

Promo Code: SLT350

Fine Prit:

  • $50-100
  • 350%
  • Slots Only
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 20x rollover, 3x max cash out

$101 - $200: 500% BONUS!

Promo Code: SLT500

Fine Prit:

  • $101-200
  • 500%
  • Slots Only
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 25x rollover, 3x max cash out

$50 - $100: $250 BONUS!

Promo Code: VPK250

Fine Prit:

  • $50-100
  • 250%
  • Video Poker only
  • Rollover is based on Bonus Amount: 30x rollover, 3x max cash out